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28 May 2020, starting at 10am

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29 May 2020, starting at 10am (Lot 501 - 909)

30 May 2020, starting at 10am (Lot 910 - 1300)


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lot 823
€ 2.000 - € 3.000

An excellent and superbly sculpted ivory or mammoth ivory alto relievo of extreme shape depicting the extasy of Saint Francis, the Southern Netherlands, 17thC, could be originating of one of the circles of Artus Quellinus or François Duquesnoy, 12,2 x 18,2 cm (thickness 2-2,2 cm) - weight 410 g

lot 824
€ 500 - € 800

Two miniature ivory religious figures (both items glued to a plexi base): one depicting Christ falling under the cross, French, 18thC, H 5,4 cm - weight with base c 34 g; the other depicting an angel, probably French (could be 14th - 15thC), H 6,1 - weight with base c. 38 g, added a bone Holy Mother figure standing on the crescent moon, probably Dieppe, 18thC, H 12 cm - weight c. 48 g

lot 825
€ 800 - € 1.200

An alto relievo engraved ivory pax depicting the crucified Christ flanked by the Holy Mother and Saint John, the scene set beneath a gothic trefoil arch, probably French - 14th century; 20thC mounted in a red velvet-covered niche that is surrounded by a mahogany frame, H 13,4 - W 7,9 cm

Added expertise report according to CITES legislation. For European Community use only.

lot 826
€ 800 - € 1.200

A 19thC carved ivory corpus Christi mounted on an ebony and tortoiseshell veneered wooden (partly ebonized) crucifix, 19thC, H 55 cm

lot 827
€ 1.500 - € 2.500

A finely carved ivory sculpture of the Holy Mother and Child, on an ebonised wooden base, 19thC, probably Dieppe, H 19,1 - 25 cm (with base) - weight with base c. 628 g

Added expertise report according to CITES legislation. For European Community use only.

lot 828
€ 200 - € 400

An ivory figure of Saint John the Baptist and a ditto female noble figure, both items on a matching wooden base, H 19,5 - 21 cm

lot 829
€ 300 - € 500

Three finely carved Corpus Christi sculptures, one in pine and two in ivory on a silk and velvet upholstered frame, 17th/18thC, H 9 - 16 cm

lot 830
€ 4.000 - € 6.000

A series of 19thC ivory female nude figures inspired by the antiques depicting the Four Seasons, mounted on a Neoclassical black Porto Nero marble base, most probably from a Paris studio, 19thC, H 33,5 – 34 – 34,3 - 34,5 cm (base incl.)

lot 831
€ 1.500 - € 1.800

A delicately 19thC French carved ivory triptych figure of Joan of Arc; with black coloured engraving and cut glass inlay; depicting closed the Saint in full length and opened revealing three important events in her life, by a Dieppe or a Paris studio, H 24 cm

lot 832
€ 1.800 - € 2.500

A rare Baroque Revival mirror fully set with ivory acanthus leaves and decorated with ditto basso-relievo sculpted putti, mythological figures, dolphins, flower baskets and escutcheons, central on top a monogram, at the bottom a motto 'Dominus Mihia Divior'  (I am the master of the rich) with a bias cut mirror, German, 19thC, 55,5 x 83 cm

Added expertise report according to CITES legislation. For European Community use only.

lot 833
€ 1.800 - € 2.500

A richly sculpted ivory memorial hunting horn depicting in a roundel the portrait of Augustus II the Strong - King of Poland and Elector of Saxony, with surrounding text: 'Augustus II Rex Poloniae & M.D.L. 1697'  and also a.o. depicting Saint George and the dragon, a dog attacking a lion, and various escutcheons, ..., 19thC, on a plexi stand, L 65,5 cm - weight c. 2225 g