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€ 1.500 - € 2.500

A fine Louis XV gilt bronze palm tree-shaped mantle clock, floral decorated with gilt bronze and green lacquered metal branches ending in polychrome painted porcelain flowers, flanked by two polychrome and gilt painted Meissen type porcelain Commedia dell'arte figurines, the inside mechanism marked 'Herbault à Paris, 18thC, N° 447', H 40,5 - W 25 cm

€ 800 - € 1.200

A gilt bronze mantle clock decorated with hunting trophies, with on top a patinated bronze group depicting Diana with an amor and a faun, signed Evrard V., the inside mechanism of the clock marked 'Guiche Palais Royal', H 51 - W 61,5 cm

€ 800 - € 1.200

An vulcanic marble mantle clock, with on top patinated bronze figure 'Chan de l'Aloutte' by H. Moreau, the polychrome painted porcelain dial of the clock marked ' Baillies, Limoges', the inside mechanism marked ' Paul Escot, Limoges' and ' Médaille d'Argent 1855, Vincent & C°', H 58,5 - 74 cm (the bronze - the total)

No visible signature, a Neoclassical three-piece vert de mer marble garniture, consisting of a pair of cassolettes and a mantle clock, decorated with gilt bronze mounts, the clock sided by an allegorical figure of education, foundry mark Fabrication Française Paris, the inside of the mechanism marked 'Médaille d'argent 1855 Vincent et Cie', H 40 - 42 - W 62,5 cm

A three-piece Louis XVI-style gilt bronze and Carrara marble clock garniture, the base decorated with a frieze showing playing putti, the dial marked H. Luppens & Cie, Bruxelles, the inside of the mechanism marked 'Médaille d'argent 1855 Vincent et Cie, H 57 - 59 cm

A Neo-Renaissance three-piece gilt bronze garniture clock, the work marked 'med. d'honneur Japy Frères et Cie', H 48 - 55 cm