Direct sale

Purchase and sale of a unique object

Do you wish to acquire or sell an exceptional object? Couldn’t find what you were looking for at our latest auction? Or just anxious to decorate that empty wall with an eye-catching piece of art? Carlo Bonte Auctions assists in searching for a specific item at a fixed price, in finding a worthy new owner for your extraordinary works, or acts as a discrete intermediary. We provide our expertise and our international networks as a tailor-made solution to your needs, outside of the auction room. The normal sales conditions and commissions remain in force.

Asian art

A pair of Chinese polychrome bottle vases, decorated with goldfish swimming amongst lotus and pondweed, marked Jiajing, H 50 cm

600 euros


De Smet Léon (1881-1966), female nude, monogrammed LDS and dated 1912, charcoal, 28 x 54 cm

550 euros


A French bureau-plat with gilt bronze mounts, LXV-style, H 77 cm – W 198 cm – D 93 cm

3000 euros


A buffalo ‘hunting trophy’, mounted on a wooden background, H 76 cm – W 103 cm

400 euros


A decorative table lamp H 70 cm

300 euros


A wooden carved and gilt clock holder in the shape of an eagle on a wooden base, H 52 cm