The auctioneer conducts the auction under the supervision of a bailiff or a notary.

The latter represents the Belgian State and will ensure that all actions taken comply with the law.

Bidding takes place by raising your hand at the auction.

A bidder is not allowed to make a bid during the auction by spoken figures.

The auctioneer starts the bidding with a basic amount that he considers reasonable for the specific lot or the amount by which he is bound and increases it each time a higher bid is made. Typically, a bid raises the previous bid by about 10 to 20%, depending on the amount.

The ultimate purchaser is the person who makes the final bid.

Buyers premium 25% on top of the hammer price (hammer price 1,000 = you pay € 1,250). *

*Online live bidding not included. For the online bidders, the buyer’s premium will be 30% (instead of 25%), 27% (instead of 25%) or 26.5% (instead of 25%) as the auctioneer is due to pay a commission fee to his online partners Invaluable Live! (5%), Epailive (5%), LiveAuctioneers (5%), (3%), 51BidLive (3%) and Drouot (1,5%)