A lot of various Chinese display items, consisting of a cloisonné bowl, the well decorated with twin fish and the upright inner sides with flowers, a dragon and a crane, the outer sides all-over with Kylin, 18th / 19thC; added a ditto little vase and cover (incense burner? / inkwell?), possibly Japanese; extra added a 20thC cloisonné box and cover; furthermore a Chinese polychrome decorated porcelain seal, a little saucer, blue and white decorated in the Transition manner, a Ming Style white relief decorated jar; a porcelain 20thC Lao Tse figure, a famille verte decorated export porcelain soapbox and cover and three necklaces with (gemstone) beads and a silver closure,  H 3 - 26 - W 5 - 12,5 - D 5 - 9 - L 21,5 - 23,5 ø 7,5 - 23 cm

€ 800 - € 1.200
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