A lot of diverse small Chinese and Oriental items: a Chinese silver cigar case, recto-verso relief decorated with warrior scenes, gilt inside, with an owners monogram, late Qing period, 182 g, 9 X 12,3 cm; an exotic hardwood Chinese passe-partout plaque; a Sino-Tibetan dragon-shaped silver filigree snuff-box set with (turquoise and coral); four various Sino-Tibetan relief decorated silver snuff bottles set with coral and turquoise, one with lapis, total weight 274 g, one 19thC small blue and white decorated porcelain vase of the Kangxi type; two 20thC porcelain snuff bottles, one with a Qianlong mark; a small cloisonné vase and a bronze Ganesha statue, H 6,3 - W 14 - D 11 cm

€ 600 - € 1.000
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