Two silver and gilt silver 19thC chalices, one with the inscription 'Capucijnessen - Brugge', weight c. 648 g - H 25,8 cm; the other one decorated with bead borders to the foot, to the connection of the foot to the stem and tot the nodus as well, made by 'J. Van Der Linden - Gand', weight c. 587 g - H 20,5 cm; we add a 19th / 20thC chalice with only the chalice itself of solid silver / gilt silver, the weight of the silver chalice (incl. the non-silver screw bolt) c. 154 cm -  total H 18,8 cm, stem and foot are made out of silver-plated metal; provenance: the former collection of Fathers Friars Minor Capuchins -  Bruges

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