An 18thC English creamware cauliflower-leaf-moulded coffee pot and a ditto creamer, (Whieldon ware), H 12,1 - 25,5 cm; added: a polychrome painted earthenware tureen shaped like a cockerel, could be originating from a Brussels manufactury, late 18th - early 19thC, H 28,8 - W 39,5 cm; extra added: a 19thC English polychrome relief decorated majolica ewer, lozenge marked, H 27 cm; extra, extra added: a French early 20thC barbotine sauce-boat with its matching spoon, H 15,2 cm; furthermore  a series of six French barbotine dessert dishes and five various ditto dishes; a ditto box and cover shaped like a barrel, all early 20thC; three porcelain snuff boxes and a soft porcelain wax seal with silver plated mount

€ 800 - € 1.200
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