No visible signature, attributed to van Meytens M., portrait of presumably Joseph II von Habsburg, seated on a velvet cushion in a richly decorated interior, oil on canvas, 21,2 x 31,5 cm

Joseph II was the oldest son of Maria Theresia of Austria and the brother of Marie Antoinette who married the King of France Louis XVI. Joseph is wearing a mantle coat in gold brocate and ermine fur and shows the Austrian Order of the Golden Fleece

On the reverse side of the frame, there is a label referring to the provenance of the painting: "Le tableau represente l' empereur Joseph 2e et a été donné par l'illustre Emperatrice Marie Thérèse à Monsieur J.J. Steenhaut, chef president du conseil privé de S. M."

€ 2.000 - € 3.000
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