An important Brussels (Flemish) wall tapestry, depicting the glorification of Mars, an edition by or after the Brussels workshop of Leyniers, the cartoon design by Jan van Orley (figures) and Augustin Coppens (landscapes), wool and silk, first half 18thC, H 334 x W 534 cm

The first(?) edition of this wall tapestry by the workshop of Leyniers is part of a set of five tapestries depicting the glorification of several gods, the full series is part of the current collection of the Museum of Fine Art, Ghent, Belgium. The tapestry depicting the glorification of Mars, H 408 x W 555 cm, with the inventory number 1994-F-1.


Another edition is part of the collection of the Rome Cavalieri - Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Rome

€ 10.000 - € 15.000
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