A compound mix of various cutlery and serving cutlery comprising: a box with a set of twelve fruit knives, the blade of French silver and ebony handles; another box with twelve fruit knives with gilt brass blades and French silver handles, early 20thC and sold by Hardy & Wolfers - Liège; an ebony wood box with twelve French gilt silver coffee spoons, the second half of the 19thC; a box with smaller serving cutlery with silver handles; a box with six gilt silver coffee spoons, each of them bearing different English hallmarks; twenty Belgian 800/000 silver dessert cutlery sets, late 19thC, all 'à filet' model and a.o. made by Wolfers - Brussels, added an extra matching fork and twenty-one matching knives; six silver cake forks and furthermore a lot of various silver and silver-plated cutlery, some a.o. made by Wolfers - Brussels; the total weight of silver c. 4.100g

€ 1.800 - € 2.500
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