Two ciboria and one chalice with only the cup itself made out of silver / gilt silver, the feet and stem made out of silver-plated metal: the bigger one Gothic Revival, with cover and engraved with the Evangelists, the Holy Lamb and the sacred Pelican, weight silver cup c. 368 g (incl. the non-silver screw bolt) - total H 35 cm; the smaller one Gothic Revival as well, with cover and with a six-lobed foot set with three elliptic plaques representing the members of the Holy Family, weight irrelevant as the item couldn't be dismounted, H 26,5 cm; and the third one of Gothic and Renaissance-inspired decoration, the cup weight c. 200 g (incl. the non-silver screw bolt) - H 18 cm; we add a silver paten marked P. Calles, weight c. 77 g - Ø 14 cm; provenance: the former collection of Fathers Friars Minor Capuchins -  Bruges,

€ 400 - € 800
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