Frison-Fabrice L, a very special miniature, gouache on (paper) depicting a Satyr and an Amor, brass Neoclassical frame, Ø 8,4 - framed Ø 9,4 cm; added: the miniature portrait of a child, watercolour on paper, H 6,4 cm; extra added: Reyard-Geraldy F., the portrait of a military, watercolour on paper, late 19thC, in a cherrywood veneered frame with brass mount, 26,6 x 32,4 cm; furthermore: after Wouwermans, a miniature landscape , watercolour on ivory, 8 x 9,8 - framed 14 x 16 cm; signed Melocchi, the portrait of a girl in the Renaissance manner, 19th/20thC, 4,4 x 6,5 - framed 14,3 x 16,2 cm

€ 600 - € 800
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