An important lot of Japanese ivory items consisting of: an early Meiji period okimono depicting Gama Sennin (the Toad Hermit), decorated with black stained engraving, signed, H 29,1 cm; three early Meiji katabori netsukes: one shaped as a fisherman, H 4,5 cm, one shaped as an oni, W 3,7 cm and one shaped like a monk in a shell, H 5,4 cm; extra added a sashi netsuke shaped like a woman half nude, H 6 cm; extra, extra added: a boxwood netsuke shaped as a creeping panther, signed, late Edo period, H 3 cm; furthermore a small okimono depicting a streetseller, H 3,6 cm, and a late Meiji erotic okimono, signed, H 3,7 cm

€ 500 - € 700
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