A varied lot of Japanese and Chinese display items: a third quarter of the 19thC high-quality hexagonal satsuma bowl, on a hardwood base, Ø 18 cm; a late Edo-period ivory netsuke depicting a monkey sitting on a rabbit, H 5,3 cm - weight c. 19 g; an ivory Edo-period netsuke depicting two monkeys attacked by an octopus, H 2,4 cm - weight c. 12 g; an early Meiji ivory netsuke depicting a drum-playing monkey, H 4,2 cm - weight c. 32 g; a small ivory Meiji-period okimono representing a man with an animal on a stick (animal missing), H 8 cm - weight c. 44 g; a bone netsuke (Chinese?) featuring a mendicant, H 4,5 cm - weight c. 14 g; a Chinese calling card case overall sculpted with figures in a garden and a terras setting, late Qing, 5,8 x 9,3 cm; and a probably German 19thC ivory plaque alto relieve sculpted with a hunting scene, 5,7 x 8,4 cm - weight c. 22 g 

Added expertise report according to CITES legislation. For European Community use only.

€ 1.000 - € 1.500
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