Two miniature boxes; one in tortoiseshell with an 'au pochoir' set green pattern, the cover depicting two children playing with a dog, watercolour on ivory, 18thC, Ø 6,6 cm; the other one out of paper-maché with, in the centre, painted on ivory, a  allegory on the fine arts, second quarter of the 19thC, Ø 9,4 cm; added an 18th/19thC pillbox, enamel on red copper, on the cover a painted banderole mentioning 'En mémoire d'un ami', W 5,2 cm; extra added a small pillbox, late 19thC, enamel on red copper inlaid with mother-of pearl, 2,1 x 7 cm

€ 1.000 - € 1.200
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