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€ 300 - € 500

Doebrick, a biscuit group depicting a little satyr driving a goat, marked 'Made in Austria', (probably Vienna), about 1900, H 20 - W 42,5; added a biscuit bathing Venus after Falconet, with a Sèvres mark, on an onyx base, H 38 cm

€ 18.000 - € 22.000

An important and impressive pair of generously gilt Sèvres vases and covers with gilt bronze mounts, bleu royal ground and roundels decorated on the front of one vase with 'Le Sacré de Napoléon' and on the reverse a view of the chateau of Malmaison, the other vase decorated on the front with 'Le mariage de Napoléon' and on the reverse a view of the Chateau de Fontainebleau; marked 'M. Imple de Sèvres', 19thC – Second Empire period; added a pair of matching Neoclassical carved walnut guéridons; H 155 cm (vases and cover) - 65 cm (guéridons) - Provenance: former collection of a member of the Royal Court of Belgium - ex. Auction 'Les Enchères du Grand-Duché' December 1955 (lot 91 and lot 92)

€ 200 - € 300

Two tin glazed Dutch Delftware cows, 18thC, H 8 - 10 cm

€ 300 - € 500

Three plychrome floral decorated Chelsea porcelain dishes, 'Red Anchor' period, about 1750, marked and with spur marks. one dish decorated at the reverse to hide a firing fault, Ø 28,2 cm

€ 300 - € 500

A Dutch Delftxware polychrome decorated rococo plaque with in the roundel painted with a rural view, (18thC), H 33,5 - W 37 cm

€ 400 - € 800

A lot of various polychrome decorated Rosenthal porcelain tableware out of the 'Versace' series, in total 32 pieces + a plexi publi-standard; added: two German polychrome decorated porcelain dishes of the 'Gallo Design' series; Ø big dishes 30,5 cm / H obelisk 38 cm (see condition report for details)

€ 3.000 - € 4.000

A marvelous polychrome decorated porcelain group after J.Fr.J. Le Riche, depicting Paris offering the apple of discord to Aphrodite (the start of the Trojan War), marked twice (probably Paris? Ansbach?), 18thC, with a fine bronze rococo mount, H with mount 46,5 - without mount 40,5 cm

€ 1.800 - € 3.500

A Meissener porcelain three-piece garniture, Ozier relief decorated and polychrome decorated with European flowers and 17thC inspired animated scenes, with Neoclassical bronze mounts, marked, second half of the 19thC, H 44,5 - 50,5 cm

€ 600 - € 1.000

A glazed porcelain portrait bust depicting a knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece, first halft 18thC (about 1730), H 33,5 cm

€ 600 - € 1.000

A glazed porcelain portrait bust, probably depicting Augustus II the Strong, first half 18thC (about 1730), H 36 cm