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€ 400 - € 600

A most probably French second half of the 19thC ivory basso relievo tankard body depicting a Flemish peasant feast after Teniers, Dieppe, H 11,2 - ø 9,1 cm - Weight: about 177g

€ 800 - € 1.200

A French female ivory figure after the antiques, Dieppe, probably still 18thC, on an ebony base, H 21,2 (without base) - H 25,2 cm (with base) - Total weight: 610g


€ 500 - € 800

A second half of the 19thC Dieppe ivory votif sculpture depicting closed a bishop as founder of a church and depicting opened central God the Father blessing the Virgin Mary and left and right sides two devote figures, all three alto relievo sculpted, on an ebonised base, H 19 (without base) - 21 cm (with base) - Total weight: about 545g

€ 3.000 - € 4.000

A probably French Dieppe second half of the 19thC alto relievo ivory tankard depicting Joan of Arc in one of the famous battles of the Hundred Years' War, in a gilt and relief worked brass mount, on top a warrior with an axe, H 31,7 - ø 14,2 cm - Total weight: about 1275g

€ 500 - € 800

A 19thC French ivory plaque, basso relievo cut with a military, possibly Paris, H 12,7 - W 6 cm - Weight: about 60g; added a second half of the 19thC French Dieppe ivory sculpture depicting a fisher maid on an ebony base, H 8,9 (without base) - 13,6 cm (with base) - Total weight: about 61g; extra added a second half of the 19thC French ivory plaque depicting in alto relievo a lively portrait of Louis XVI of France, Dieppe or Paris, H 10,2 - W 8,7 - D 1,8 cm - Weight: about 100g

€ 400 - € 800

The Holy Mother and Mary Magdalene as mourners in a Golgotha landscape, a pair of ivory sculptures, Dieppe, second half of the 19thC, in a period frame, H 24 - W 17 cm