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Carlo Bonte Auctions

Location: Bruges, Belgium

Phone: +32 50 33 23 55


Accepted Forms of Payment:

Payment: By placing a bid you are entering a legal and binding contract. Upon placing a bid, you are promising to pay for your purchases in a timely manner according to terms of this agreement. Non-paying bidders will be added to the No Bid list. A non-payment fee will be added to your bill for Legal & Processing fees. A minimum of $500 will be applied. We will turn it over to our collection agency and will prosecute to the full extent of the law. Please do not bid if you do not intend to pay.

Shipping Terms: The auction house is not in charge of shipment of the purchased goods.

Collection of purchases is only possible if the auctioneer has received full payment, be it in cash, by debit/credit card or via bank transfer.

If the buyer wishes a third party to collect his/her purchase in his/her stead, the buyer needs to fill in the Authorization Form for Collection of Purchase (please see below), sign it and send it back to the auction house via email. Without this Authorization Form, no third party can collect any purchase even if it is already paid for.

Goods must be collected no later than 15 days (applied to Belgian buyers) / 30 days (applied to international buyers) after the last auction day.

After this period, uncollected goods will be put in storage at the cost of the buyer. Regardless of the total amount of lots, a fixed storage fee of € 30 is charged. Besides this fixed fee, a storage fee of € 20 per lot per week will be calculated and charged as well.