A portrait of Charles d'Albert, Connétable de Luynes, 17thC, 27,5 x 34,5 cm

No visible signature, a portrait of Charles d'Albert, duc de Luynes (Le connétable de Luynes), with the inscription: 'Le Connestable de Luines', oil on an oak panel, 27 x 34,5 cm

  • Condition: - a label to the back with information concerning the provenance: 'Vente de la Comtesse de Seine au Chateau mas Fougasse, Basse Alpes (1969)'
    - we have some doubts concerning the dating of the work. The work could be a later copy. We can't guarantee that the item is a period 17thC work.
    - a crack to the right top corner of the panel, strengthened to the back with a piece of wood
    - this area is logically overpainted
    - some overpainted spots to the face and hair
    - some smaller overpainted spots all over
    - furthermore, in our opinion, the work is in good and hangable condition.