Attributed to Emile Claus, the shores of the Lys by moonlight ('Rekkelingen'), an oil sketch on canvas, the left lower corner with a signature later added by another hand, 21 x 44 cm

  • Condition: - To complete information on the painting: the work was seen by the experts at the 'Museum van Deinze en de Leiestreek', and they concluded that the work could probably be an original unsigned oil sketch by Emile Claus, signed later by another hand. This is very common in the oeuvre of Emile Claus. After his death, the non-signed sketches of the 'fond d'atelier' of Claus were often signed posthumously to increase the value of the works. Please note that the museum conclusions are as usual with some reserve and cannot be taken as a certainty. As this is we as the auctioneer cannot as well in any way guarantee that the item is indeed an original work by Emile Claus. - The shores on the other side: the pictural layer loosening, some spots overpainted. - The lower central edge of the painting: loosening of the pictural layer, with clumsy put overpaint. - A spot to the lower left of the 'C' of the signature: missing paint and clumsily put overpaint. - The paint needs to be fixed at some places, the overpainted spot was done clumsy and needs revision. - The varnish is yellowed and could use cleaning - Furthermore, in our opinion, the work is in a good and hangable condition.