Attributed to the workshop of Quinten Metsys (1466-1530), 63 x 51 cm

Attributed to the workshop of Quinten Metsys (1466-1530), the Holy Family with St. John the Baptist in a mountainous landscape, oil on oak panel, 63 x 51 cm.
A beautiful group of figures; the early influence visible of the Italian high renaissance in the Flemish paintings of the first decades of the sixteenth century. The composition of the group of figures is geometrically based on triangles and diagonal lines. The facial expression of the Madonna follows the sfumato colour scheme of the Florentine renaissance. The view of the landscape is reminiscent of the school of Joachim Patinir, who often worked together with Quinten Metsys, the founding father of the Antwerp School in the early 16th century. Whereas the figure of Joseph reflects the sense of realism and common sense, the Madonna and the playful St. John and Jesus reflect the idealistic canon of beauty as depicted in the works of Raphael Sanzio da Urbino, Leonardo da Vinci and Giovanni Bellini.

  • Condition: - The painting is built up in different layers of chalk, lead white and transparent glacis of colour.
    - The work has been cleaned and strongly overpainted, especially in the mantle cloth of the Virgin. The landscape has lost its atmospheric perspective by this thoroughly cleansing.
    - The two intertwined oak panels are lattter strengthened with Dovetail joints
    - Red seal of wax at the backside and two labels referring to the auction house Drouot Paris 1920, where the work was defined as "Ecole Milanaise 16th Century".