An exceptional series of Delft blue and white 12 months dishes, marked 'De Porceleyne Byl', 18thC, ø 25 cm

'Jannúarÿ' depicting skaters on a canal and a gentleman seated in a tent and being served a goblet of wine;

'Febrúarÿ' depicting an interior with a gentleman warming his hands and feet at the fireplace and looking toward two couples seated at a table;

'Maart' depicting a man smoking and supervising a gardener while a woman strolls beyond;

'April' depicting a gardener holding a spade and offering a posy to a lady;

'Meÿ' depicting a pair of sweethearts seated beneath a tree with a shepherd tending his flock in the distance;

'Júnÿ' depicting a man shearing a sheep near a youthful shepherd and his flock;

'Júlÿ' depicting a harvester raking hay while another drinks from a bottle;

'Aúgústús' depicting three men harvesting and bundling hay;

'September' depicting a woman pointing at the apples falling from a tree being shaken by a man while another man carries away a basket full of the fruit;

'October' depicting a man rolling a wine barrel near two gentlemen, one holding a bottle and offering the other a goblet of wine;

'November' depicting two children watching their father and mother bleed a pig;

'Dezember' depicting a man chopping branches off a tree while another bundles them before a man smoking in a tent near skaters.

A similar collection is part of the Aronson Antiquairs (Amsterdam) collection:

  • Condition: - the usual rim damage and some larger chips to the 'September' and 'December' dish
    - apart from that, the series appears in our opinion in excellent condition.