An important French Régence Boulle work cartel clock, marked 'G.J. Champion à Paris', ca. 1730, H 126 cm

A large cartel clock on its original console, dark tortoiseshell with inlaid brass and decorated with gilt bronze mounts of cupids making music and playing with a dog. The enamelled dial and the inside mechanism is marked 'G.J. Champion à Paris'.
Guillaume Isidore Champion was born in 1687 and became 'Garde' (deputy principal) of the guilt of clockmakers of Paris in 1731. He later worked in the Rue St. Paul and finally died in the Rue Aubry des Boucher in 1765.

A similar clock is part of the collection of the 'Rijksmuseum' in Amsterdam:

  • Condition: - the functioning of the item wasn't checked but in an attempt to wind the mechanism there was a slight resistance which in our opinion means that the spiral springs are in good condition.
    - the console: the central 'cul de lampe' decoration was damaged and restored
    - some usual wear and cracks to the Boulle work, but in general the Boulle work in good condition
    - the glasses renewed
    - a wind-up key and key included (not original)
    - pendulum swing included
    - the wood where the top bronze is mounted on, affected by woodworm
    - the rosewood to the inside damaged