Being contacted by heirs to realize the sale of a legacy always fills us with great joy and pride. We are very proud to be commissioned to auction the collection of the Antwerp collector, Mr Charles Rozenfeld.

In addition to many items of his collection that were sold by us in past auctions this year, we were finally able to obtain the green light from the CITES administration and are now able to sell the lion’s share of his collection: the Japanese ivory netsuke and ditto art objects.

This collection is exceptional not only because of the objects’ quality but also their quantity. It consists of more than 200 lots to be sold on 7-9 February 2023. Almost all sculptures are textbook examples of the proverbial subtlety of Japanese ivory carving.
Please notice that all ivory has been certified by the CITES administration and may be freely sold in the EU.

Charles Simon Rozenfeld was born on 02.07.1943 in Sierre, Switzerland, his parent’s refuge during World War II.
After the war, the family took up their lives in Belgium anew and returned to Antwerp. Young Charlie attends Tachkemoni School and, after finishing his studies, decides to pursue a career in the diamond trade.
Besides his professional activities, Charles is active in the Antwerp sports world. He is an avid tennis player, but his interest lies even more in the Japanese karate sport he practices until his forties. He is also one of the first Belgian black belt holders (2nd DAN degree) and will be a valued teacher in the Antwerp Maccabi Karate club for many years.

Through his father, an art collector, he inherited his love for art and antiques and started building his collection.
His special love goes to ivory, of which he builds an exceptional collection of Japanese art. Each item he purchased was subject to intense study beforehand.
His wife, the Israeli Judith Sanderovich, whom he married in 1975, shares his interest in art.
Besides collecting ivory, Charles also focuses on French 18th-century art, 18th-century Chinese porcelain and Jewish art.

The family, his sons Laurent, Patrick, Alain, and his grandchildren, are, of course, his greatest passion. But apart from his family, Charles also invests much time and affection in his social contacts. Many of his closest friends share his love for beauty; quite a few are antique dealers.

Mr Rozenfeld passed away on December 30, 2020. He was a special and endearing man.
With his strong and engaging personality, wisdom, and ‘Joie de Vivre’, he inspired many.