Transportation and Delivery Services

We are delighted to offer transportation and delivery services for your purchased items.
We offer deliveries to all areas within the Benelux and throughout Europe. We also provide post services for smaller items, ensuring they arrive safely and securely at your doorstep.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your items are delivered with the utmost care.
We aim to make the delivery process as seamless as possible for you to enjoy your new acquisition.

Please contact us for transportation quotes or any other inquiries, by mail at [email protected] or by using the button below.

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What shipping methods are available to me?


Carlo Bonte Home Delivery

Home Delivery is a convenient shipping option our auction house provides for domestic shipments in the BENELUX and across Europe. Items are carefully blanket-wrapped and transported securely by our delivery drivers to ensure their safe arrival. Our delivery team will coordinate with you to arrange a suitable delivery day. You will receive updates once the delivery has been scheduled, as well as live tracking and timely updates on the day of delivery. Choose our White Glove Delivery service for a seamless, professional, and reliable shipping experience tailored to your needs.


Estimated Delivery time: 2 – 5 weeks (express options are available, please inform us as soon as possible)


Secure Crate Shipping

Our specialized Crate Shipping service is designed for international shipments or delicate items that require extra protection. To ensure safe transit, a customized crate is meticulously built around the item. The crating process constitutes a significant part of the estimated shipping duration. After completing the crating, the package is handed over to a transit company (such as DHL or FedEx), and we’ll provide you with a tracking link.

If you have a personal account with one of the above couriers, we’re happy to provide you with measurements of the box so you can schedule the collection.


Estimated Delivery time: 3 – 6 weeks (express options are available, please inform us as soon as possible)


Postal Service Shipping

Postal Service Shipping is a transport method ideal for lightweight, smaller items (needs to fit in a 50 x 35 cm box) that can be conveniently packed and shipped via standard mail carriers such as Bpost, UPS or DHL. As soon as we have packed the item you will receive a shipping label, live tracking will be accessible for your convenience and peace of mind.


Estimated Delivery time: 1 – 4 weeks (express options are available, please inform us as soon as possible)


Partnered Shipping

If our standard shipping options don’t quite meet your needs, we offer a Partnered Shipping solution. This option allows you to utilize our network of trusted shipping partners to tailor the delivery process according to your specific requirements. We collaborate with industry-leading logistics providers to ensure a seamless, secure, and efficient shipping experience.

If you choose for this option, please let us know by mail at [email protected]

For suggested partners please see the list below.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we’re unable to ship the items ourselves, please feel free to contact one of the companies below. They are specialised in art transport, especially for large and fragile items.

This is only a suggested list. Carlo Bonte Auction assumes no responsibility for acts executed by the companies listed.
We recommend that you insure valuable items while in transit.
Items are released as stated in the condition report on each lot page.

Download Authorisation Form (PDF)




Contact information

Mail Boxes Etc.
[email protected]
+32 2 242 29 39
Alan Smith UK – Worldwide [email protected]
+44 7831 552 448
Eastern Boat (local)
China [email protected]
+32 2 721 27 03
Eagle NV (local) Worldwide [email protected]
+32 50 558 855
Fine Art Travel Germany [email protected]
+49 160 69 71 200
Scheck Art Logistics Belgium [email protected]
+ 32 471 26 83 90
Art Service Srl Germany – Italy [email protected]
+ 39 348 4074 982
APA Worldwide [email protected]
+32 2 254 62 40
Hedley’s UK – Worldwide [email protected]
+44 20 89 65 87 33

For a VAT refund in the context of an Intra-Community Delivery, the following procedure applies (according to Belgian ‘Btw-wetboek artikel 39bis’):

  1. Payment needs to be done in full to us
  2. The following documents have to be provided no later than the 10th day of the month following the delivery:Either: two non-contradictory documents of category 1 (see below) that have been issued by two parties that are independent of each other, being either the transporter or the receiver.Or: one non-contradictory document of category 1 and one non-contradictory document of category 2 (see below) that vouch for the transport and have been issued by two parties that are independent of each other, being either the seller or the receiver.
  3. We will refund the applicable VAT to the bank account or credit card used for the purchase.

Category 1:

  • A signed CMR document or a signed CMR freight letter
  • A bill of lading (B/L or BOL)
  • An invoice issued by the transporter of the goods

Category 2:

  • An insurance document of the transport or bank documents that proof the transport of the goods
  • Official documents issued by a public instance, e.g. by a notary that vouches for the receipt of the goods in the country of the receiver
  • A receipt by an authorised warehouse keeper in the country of the receiver that proofs the storage of the goods in that country

All items can be picked up at our main office location:

Kardinaal Mercierstraat 20
8000 Bruges, Belgium

Private parking is available for cars and vans.

Larger trucks can temporarily park outside our entrance on the side of the street. Please do not forget to place your parking disc.

We are open for pickup on the following days:

Wednesday 9 am – 5 pm
Thursday 9 am – 5 pm
Friday 9 am – 3pm

If you would like to pick up outside of these hours, please let us know by mail or telephone. We’re usually often
It is also possible to schedule a pickup directly online.

All items can be picked up the first working day after the auction. The actual shipping time depends greatly on the chosen transport company and their planning. It is a good idea to inform yourself about transit times when requesting a quote.

Carlo Bonte Auction does currently not offer packing or shipping services in-house. All items will be handed over unpacked.

All shippers from the list above are aware of this fact and will gladly make the necessary arrangements for you.


Carlo Bonte Auctions does currently not offer any packing or shipping services in-house.

Suppose you have purchased small (<30cm) items that are not fragile, we might be able to help you pack them to be picked up by a courier service. This will be decided on a case by case basis and can not be considered as guaranteed.

If this applies to you, please contact us at [email protected], and we will get back to you shortly.

All goods are due to be collected within 30 days after the first auction day.

If you do not pick up your items on time, we will charge you a fixed storage fee of €20 per lot per week.

Due to COVID-19 is this rule currently not enforced. It is our utmost priority to make sure that pickups can go through safely.

If you are not able to pick up your items on time, you will be charged a fixed storage fee of €20 per lot per week.

Due to COVID-19 is this rule currently not enforced. It is our utmost priority to make sure that pickups can go through safely.

Do you have more questions about Shipping?

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