The current CEO, Carlo Bonte, puts the auction house on the map of the international art world. From an early age, he got a passion for art and beauty, and in 2003 he took his first steps in the art and antique market. After his management studies in Cambridge, Utrecht and Angers he followed a course at ‘Christie’s Education’ in London. A little later he started working as a director at Partridge Fine Arts in New Bond Street.

In 2008 Carlo Bonte finally decided to take over the business in Bruges.
His vision and commitment make Carlo Bonte Auctions a success story, which means that our house is now a leading force in Belgium.


In 1980 Roger Sioen joins forces with Lude Bonte, founder of ‘Bonte Verhuizingen’ and ‘Art Aficionado’.

The activities will immediately be moved to our current address: Kardinaal Mercierstraat 20.

The merger between the two families is very successful, but the activities remain small-scale and mainly geared to the Flemish market.


Our story starts about 100 years ago with the Sioen family. They were already active in the Bruges auction business at the beginning of the 20th century.

In 1932 the family acquires a building in Noordzandstraat (no. 82), which is immediately converted into a spacious auction room with adjacent storage space.

The auction house is christened “Van Dyck”, and will set the tone of the Bruges auctions until 1980, together with the auction house Garnier.